Adopt. Adapt. Improve.
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Welcome to Round Table Κύπρου

We believe that we can bring change to ourselves and to our society.

With our motto Adopt, Adapt, Improve we unite young people from 18-45 years old, to be inspired and learn from each other. We share ideas openly and confidently and empower each person to bring about positive change at home, at work and in society.

We call this Tabling and it is done locally where we often meet. We organize and host meetings and events for ourselves and others for our personal growth, friendship, fun and service to society. This extends nationally and by extension to a global network of young people.

We are Round Table. One World, One Table.


Tablers adopt a situation and its methods that have proven correct in the past.


Tablers adapt to each situation with any necessary changes needed.


Whenever possible,  Tablers are constantly improving the situation, themselves and the world around them.

Main Objectives of Round Table

  1. To develop acquaintance and friendly relations between young people through their various professions.
  2. To emphasize the fact that everyone's contribution is a social service.
  3. To cultivate the highest ideals in professional and cultural traditions.
  4. To recognize the value of every legitimate profession and for each member to honor his own profession by teaching and example.
  5. To promote the establishment of peace and goodwill in international relations.
  6. To develop these purposes through meetings, lectures, discussions, and other activities.
  7. To engage in charitable activities.

            There Are No Strangers Here. Just Old Friends, You Haven't Met Yet

            As a Round Table member you have the unique opportunity to meet over 30,000 new friends worldwide. From Africa to Brazil, from Nepal to New York, and from Europe to Australia!

            The Round Table is a global organization so the opportunities are endless as are the experiences. There are many ways to gain experience globally. Either through the General Assemblies or through the Numbers Meetings. Even on a personal level, it is enough to make a phone call to a Tabler in the country you will visit.

            We are the Round Table. Are you one of us?


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